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Kingdom of Tokis

Population: 120 (approximately). 80% Human (almost entirely Kalamaran). 20% Humanoid (mostly Halfling).

At A Glance: The Village of Ag’Idar – Ag’Idar as it is commonly called – grew from a farm or two, a rest house and a smithy about 100 years ago. The roads brought a sufficient number of travelers and merchant wagons to attract tradesmen and artisans to serve those passing through. The rest house became a thriving inn, a wainwright settled in the thorp, and more farmers and herdsmen followed, for grain was needed for the passing animals, and meat was in demand for the innfolk. Prosperity was great, for the lord of the district was mild and taxed but little. Trade was good, and the land was untroubled by war or outlaws or ravaging beasts.

Ag’Idar is situated in the north east of Tokis about 50 miles from the border with the Duchy of O’Par. The village (actually hamlet-sized, though local parlance distinguishes it with the term “village”) is located on the Third Rate trade road that meanders north from Revido, by Baron Norash (the local lord)’s castle in Ka’ekagidu , through Ag’Idar and on to Mosidu. The road continues as a trail on to the O’Paran border at Kupusido. Ag’Idar is on the banks of the Lisanara River, the river forms in the Kruze Hills to the north and empties into the Legesep Lowlands to the south. A merchant road begins in Ag’Idar and runs south to Kuthidu.

On the opposite bank of the Lisanara are the ruins of an ancient keep believed to date back to the reign of King Ali (circa 1 I.R.). The surrounding country side is rich farm and grazing land. The locals, including a sizeable number of Halflings, grow mostly corn and raise mostly sheep but some other crops and livestock are not uncommon. The Lisanara provides trout and other freshwater fish. There are several small clans of Dwarves that live in the Kruze Hills that send caravans to trade in Ag’Idar.

Even while most of the rest of Tokis suffered during the Pekalese War and the mysterious locust hordes that ravaged the country, life in the Lisarana Valley remained peaceful and prosperous.

Government: Lord Mayor Rusticus is the head of Ag’Idar’s civil government. The Town Council includes Commander Revel, of the Militia, Father Salor, of the Home Foundation, Gian, the Golden Alliance Representative, and several prominent local land and business owners.

Defenses: The Ag’Idar Militia numbers approximately 25. They protect from external threats and serve as town constables. They maintain a small fort with barracks, stables and stores in the village and man the guard towers and gates.

Temples: Father Salor established the Church of the Holy Mother on its current site about 25 years ago. It has since prospered. Most of The Celestial Council and The Gray Assembly have shrines in the Church. Some locals continue to worship as druids. The Halls of the Valiant originally had a temple in the village when Ag’Idar was founded 100 years ago. This temple is no longer used for worship.

Mages & Sages: No mages of any note. Bode, a young Brandobian who serves as the village’s miller, is a noted local historian.

Underworld: Violation of the King’s Code is rare in Ag’Idar.

Interesting Sites: The Amber Hart Inn enjoys a reputation for clean rooms and exceptional meals featuring choice venison, mutton, poached salmon, trout stuffed with specially prepared mixtures, goose roasted to a golden brown, pork, steaming sausages, steak and kidney pie with mushrooms or truffles, squab stuffed pheasant, boiled crayfish in drawn butter and world renowned baked goods. The locally brewed ale and beer is supplemented by wine, mead and brandy from all over Tellene.

- Excerpted from Guide to the Sovereign Lands: Volume V by Kuwon Yan, published in the Year of Imperial Reckoning 563

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