Human Brandobian

“A true Brandobian is passionate, prideful and efficient. A more dangerous combination I do not know.” – General Alere Garnak, leader of the Militocracy of Korak.

Brandobians are the smallest of the human races, with slender bodies measuring usually a little over five feet in height. Their skin tones are usually olive and their dark hair ranges from curly to straight. Brandobians have fine features, clear voices and a hardy resistance to disease.

Brandobians live on the western coast of Tellene and occupy maritime colonies off their own coast, on Western Svimohzia and along the Elos Bay. Their numerous colonies result from centuries of exploration and conquest, and the Brandobians take great pride in the vastness and impact of their travels. Their people are vibrant and alive and rarely keep their opinions to themselves. Right or wrong, you know where a Brandobian stands.

Adventurers from this region generally become fighters, rogues, clerics or rangers. Although Eldorans disdain magic, powerful wizards live in Cosdol and numerous lesser wizards live in Pel Brolenon. The rare druid or monk lives in Mendarn, if anywhere. Bards are common in Cosdol, somewhat less so in the other nations. Barbarians must hail from the far north-the Voldorwoods or the Odril Hills. Smatterings of sorcerers appear infrequently throughout Brandobia.

Human Brandobian

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