Human Fhokki

β€œIt is dangerous to confuse a Fhokki with a simple-minded barbarian. If you are right, no harm. But if you are wrong…” – Anonymous

The Fhokki tower over other human races and have adapted to handle the bitter cold of their environment. Their hair ranges from platinum blonde to dark brown, and their skin color tends to be pale. Their fair faces often light up in laughter or redden in anger; they are an emotional and expressive people.

Traditionally, Fhokki live in extended families that dwell in log homes. Some Fhokki clans herd reindeer as their principal means of livelihood; others fish the plentiful depths of Lake Jorakk, and supplement their diet with deer taken from the thick forests of their homelands.

Fhokki clans inhabit the length and breadth of the Wild Lands. The Hurrkal and other clans live as far south as the edge of Reanaaria Bay, where they generally get along peaceably with the humans and demihumans there. The Trusk live in Skarrna and the Rokk Woods. The Kartorr and Roth clans range to the north and east further than Kalamaran scribes record.

Adventuring Fhokki principally become fighters, rangers or barbarians. They scorn rogues but admire bards (their own being masters of riddle, song and rhyme). They respect anyone who wields a greatsword or axe, be she a cleric or a fighter. They do not often become monks or arcane casters; the Fhokki respect clerics, druids and shamans equally, and only a desperate man would harm them.

Human Fhokki

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