Human Kalamaran

“Give a Kalamaran a weapon, and he will give you thanks. This is when you should run.” – Dwarven saying.

To hear a Kalamaran speak of his people’s history, you would think that it was his idea to cultivate rice in the Alubelok Swamp, that he personally marched in formation against the Fhokki barbarians, and that he built Kolokar’s Barrier with a brick in his left hand and trowel in his right. Kalamarans are as proud as the sun is bright, and others lament that the Kalamaran can usually make good his boast.

Kalamarans construct their homes, equipment, and cities with grandeur. They exaggerate size and detail, covering massive lintels with brilliant frescoes, and placing them above colossal doorways. Kalamarans decorate everything, especially their weaponry and accoutrements: “Know a Basiran by his surcoat,” goes the saying, “and a Tokite by his shield.”

Pure Kalamarans have blue eyes and dark red hair, features that are now prominent only among the nobility. They are tall, especially in the eastern Young Kingdoms and northern Kalamar, where Fhokki blood runs strong. However, Fhokki blood is hardly the only racial influence. Today’s Kalamaran has unprecedented range in size, shape, build and coloration. Centuries of conquest and trade have given the Kalamarans access to every known race. In the Young Kingdoms, Kalamaran blood mixed for centuries with Brandobian, hobgoblin (especially in Korak and Ek’Kasel), elven (especially east of Korak), various Dejy tribes and Fhokki (in Paru’Bor). O’Par, Paru’Bor and Dodera have extensive Fhokki and Dejy influence intermixed with a smattering of elven, hobgoblin and Brandobian. Tokites share their Kalamaran blood with that of the Dejy, Fhokki, elves, Brandobians, Svimohz and Reanaarians (the latter two through trade). Central Kalamar and Basir have intermixed with every conceivable race through trade, conquest and slavery. Tarisatans have generous amounts of Dejy, hobgoblin, orc and goblin influence mixed with already-diluted Kalamaran blood from the central holdings.

Among adventurers, Kalamarans prefer professions that allow them to experience as much as possible. They make brave fighters, dashing rogues and intrepid paladins. Except among Basirans, Kalamaran bards are rare, and barbarians are extremely rare, coming only from deep in the Alubelok Swamp or unruly Tarisato. Since Kalamar is the center for several powerful faiths, clerics are common as well, but druids come mostly from the Young Kingdoms or central Kalamar.

Human Kalamaran

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